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Services in English in Finland


BodyMind Energy Balancing Method -healing treatments

Distant healing

Clairvoyant aurareading

Bhakti-yoga guidance


Distant healings outside Finland


Streaming healing love energy                                                    39 euros

*  for one person (close family members can be included)        


Streaming healing energy focusing on problem spots           49 euros

*  for one person


Aura and chakra cleansing                                                           64 euros

* for one person

* includes streaming healing love energy

* front and back chakras

* requires mutual appointment time of 60 minutes


Pyramid group healing                                                                 15 euros

* for one person

* for one month


Prices are inclusive of VAT 24 %

Kindly contact by e-mail and let me know your full name and birthday (dd/mm/yyyy). Alternatively, you can use the contact form below. Healing can be addressed to the physical, emotional or mental level.

Let me know, if you want the focus on a certain level especially.



Contact form for distant healing outside Finland


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